Paragon System Backup 10.5 Special Edition (English Version) All the ideas and discussions
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add a feature that allow program independent restoration of backups since the program itself may be lost or destroyed when PC should be formated.

yasser , 21.12.2011, 15:26
Idea status: under consideration


kailey, 22.12.2011, 04:04
It was my understanding that all needed to restore the system would be on the Recovery disc image included? Is this not the case?
Bretel, 22.08.2012, 09:36
All the necessary programfiles to restore the pc (exclusive the data backup DVDs) can be burned on a Paragon recovery CD, when installed. There is a special option in the program that burns the recovery CD.
joahchen, 23.08.2012, 06:39
make automatic backups to the location I specify, even if there is no external drive. That or allow me to add in exclude masks to my manual snapshots I make.

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